Industry Changer Gains New Perspective: Josefa’s Story

“Now that I understand what career coaching is, I’m recommending it to all my friends.”

Josefa was relocating from New York to Washington, and she was ready to leap into an industry change that would connect with her passion. She didn’t want to fall back on her previous experience in corporate offices. So how was she to break from the past? She engaged a career coach.

From the start, Josefa and her coach Danielle Kershaw hit it off.

Through their discussions, Danielle helped Josefa realize her strengths, and she mapped out a process Josefa could use to determine what she wanted to do next. “Danielle was really good at asking the right questions,” says Josefa. With Danielle’s help, Josefa realized her skills in managing projects, meeting timelines, and building client relationships would be highly valued by companies in residential construction, interior design, and architecture. And these were just the types of businesses that stirred her creative passion.

“It would have taken me much, much longer to decide my career path without Danielle’s guidance.”

Until she worked with a coach, Josefa didn’t see how her past experience could launch her into a dream job.

“The process seemed challenging and overwhelming. When I first spoke with Danielle, I expressed frustration about not having focus or continuity across my professional and personal experiences.” This frustration was keeping her from moving forward.

Danielle helped Josefa identify a common thread between her previous experiences.

She skillfully coached Josefa on how to clearly showcase that central theme through her resume and interview talking points. “Danielle guided me really well, helping me organize my thoughts, polish my resume and tell my story,” comments Josefa. Things snowballed from there.

They then focused on networking and pursuing informational interviews with professionals in her favorite fields. Danielle even went as far as to introduce Josefa to her own acquaintances within these fields.

“Danielle was supportive, strategic, and intelligent as a career coach. She went above and beyond while coaching me on different steps in the whole process.”

Not only did Josefa receive the job search guidance she needed, her time with Danielle set her up for success. Within three months, she had a job offer in a new and much preferred industry!

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