How to Connect with Recruiters Online

Like most things in life, how to connect with recruiters is always changing and evolving. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), changes in online behavior, and the ease of accessing information means recruiters now meet job seekers out on the playing field. Get noticed by incorporating these 3 tips into your job search now.

1. Connect with sourcers as you learn how to connect with recruiters.

Don’t overlook the value of connecting with sourcers in addition to recruiters. Sourcers are people who send leads to recruiters. They typically mine the Internet for passive candidates and bring them into the recruiting process. Many are LinkedIn Influencers, so follow sourcers tied to your profession and expertise.

2. Carefully build your online profiles.

The next step in learning how to connect with recruiters is evaluating your online presence. When recruiters search for candidates in LinkedIn, they only see a snapshot of your profile in the initial results. This includes your name, headline, and 2 most recent positions. That’s it! Your summary is only seen if the recruiter clicks “read more.” “It’s very important to have a strong headline with industry keywords,” shares Tanya Fite, Director of Relocation Delivery Services. “Keep your experience up-to-date so recruiters are enticed to learn more.”

LinkedIn also has a way for you to let recruiters know you are open for new opportunities. Click the Jobs tab at the top of your profile, then click Update Interests in the top right-hand side. On the next screen, you can turn on the button next to “Let recruiters know you’re open.” Now for our next tip on how to connect with recruiters.

3. Be intentional about where you spend your time online.

Recruiters use machine learning to find and follow job seekers based on the individual’s virtual footprint. Talent communities are growing in popularity, and this is a hot spot for connecting with recruiters. These communities allow recruiters to introduce candidates to client companies. It also is a way to provide insights on the potential company’s culture. “These are typically created by hiring managers or recruiters to target people with the skills and interests they need,” Tanya points out. Many companies include the community on their corporate website. Here’s an example from Hershey’s.

Recruiters are also finding job seekers on Monster, Indeed, Beyond, The Ladders, Facebook, Twitter, and Meetups. “Connecting with potential candidates on the sites they already frequent is part of recruiters’ holistic approach to finding talent,” Tanya comments. Keep this top of mind when determining where to post your résumé, build a profile, and network with others.

Résumés are still required, however automated profiles will become the norm as recruiters leverage technology to gather virtual information on job candidates. Implement one or all of these tips on how to connect with recruiters to see results in your job search!

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