Maggie Bidlingmaier – Taking Risks to Achieve Success


Maggie Bidlingmaier is President of Performance Solutions with Invista (Koch Industries)

In this episode Lauren and Maggie discuss:

How women and people of color can get into more P&L roles

Growing up in the business and how you can use a sales career as a path to the c-suite

Working in male-dominated industries

The importance of mentors in excelling your career and helping you to believe in yourself

How to cultivate your confidence to achieve success

Key takeaways:

It is important to receive input from others to provide input on your leadership skills and position in the company.

You must solve customer problems to create value for the company.

Leaders must think about how they can integrate curiosity and a growth mindset in their talent and teams to drive innovation and transformation in businesses.

Working for companies that put values and beliefs first is very important to your overall wellbeing and success.

Take risks, take the journey inward, and go outside of your comfort zone to help build confidence – failure will be part of it, but it will cultivate fearlessness over time.

If you can combine grit and curiosity, I think there is a pretty exciting road ahead for people.” – Maggie Bidlingmaier

The fastest way of building confidence is just to get out there and take risks.”

– Maggie Bidlingmaier

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