What is Your Global Mobility Wish?

We love our tradeshow time! We use this opportunity to connect (and reconnect) with our relocation community and get a pulse on what friends, partners, and the industry overall are feeling about global mobility. Last month, as we celebrated our 30th birthday at the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium, we asked you to stop by, have a cupcake, and sign our jumbo birthday card (check it out below). But, we didn’t just want a signature or a happy birthday wish; instead, we asked you to share:

“What Global Mobility wish do you want to come true in the next 5 years?”


Here’s what you had to say.

1. Focus on the employee. Period.

With lump sums in play, employees are motivated by dollars in their pocket versus the potential value of relocation-saving programs. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” We hear it all the time – especially from a relocating employee or spouse/partner who is a first-timer and has no way to understand the value of integration or job search coaching. These programs help families seamlessly connect to the new location and recoup the much needed second income fast. Your wishes in your words:

  • “For employees that relocate to be 100% satisfied.”
  • “Everyone will use career support and family integration services.”
  • “All relocation employees get what they need.”
  • “Mobility understands its real purpose – to create great employees.”
  • “Employee and family coaching as core benefit.”
  • “A mentor program for international moves.”
  • “I would like for lump sums to go away.”
  • “Lump sum policies significantly decreased.”

2. Better tech, please.

In the world of automation, analytics, data, and AI, we heard lots of suggestions that the global mobility industry could improve our automation process as it relates to the user experience. Some other thoughts we heard:

  • “Automated client experience.”
  • “Use as much technology as possible – no paper.”
  • “Great technology for automating process.”
  • “Less admin, more tech.”
  • “Automate or track extended business travelers.”
  • “I wish for an easy button!”
  • “Immigration to be easier.”

3. Improve gender diversity in global mobility.

Mobility and career growth go hand-in-hand. Organizations and global mobility professionals can use relocations to bring more diversity to the top. Your wishes are:

  • “#ThinkWomen – increase diversity and inclusion.”
  • “50% of assignees are female.”
  • “Special programs for female offered by clients.”
  • “A new terminology for spousal assistance.”


4. Unify in the belief that global mobility is a valuable asset.

From getting rid of taxes that constrain the industry to pushing our industry to the tech forefront like Apple, we received a good deal of interesting comments that, with time, will hopefully come true!

  • “To be ahead of all moves and transfers before they happen.”
  • “Unity among all.”
  • “That global mobility is as well-known as Apple or MS.”
  • “Get rid of taxes.”
  • “For GM managers to become more strategic and be recognized as a valuable asset to business.”
  • “Immigration to be easier.”
  • “To not have to worry about GM.”
  • “True relocation innovation and thought leadership.”
  • “GM to have a strategic seat at the table.”
  • “Big profits.”

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