The Neuroscience of Leadership: 4 Books to Change Your Brain

The neuroscience of leadership is often overlooked in business books. But if you’re ready to harness your brain’s abilities so you can fundamentally understand how to lead a team and positively influence actions or attitudes, look no further. Here are four of the best books for leadership recommended by our experts to unlock your brain’s potential and power.

The Brain that Changes Itself– Norman Doidge

This dive into neuroplasticity will change your view on your brain, human nature, and human potential while helping you realize just how vital the neuroscience of leadership truly is. Leading psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge, MD, explores how neuroplasticity has impacted people suffering from mental limitations and brain damage – leading them to recover from strokes, increase their IQs, and regain their sight. The author helps readers alter their view of what the brain can do when fundamental limitations are present. The book displays how positive thinking really can work!

Doidge teaches us that the brain is a dynamic structure capable of significant change. What you think, say, and experience can change the very wiring of your brain. This has important implications for every area of life.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion– Robert B. Cialdini

Want to learn how to better reach, motivate, and guide others? The neuroscience of leadership is the perfect subject to delve into! This book offers a discussion on persuasion, psychology, and behavior modification. Did you know being a skilled persuader requires a keen understanding of how the brain works? Dr. Cialdini explores six principles of ethical persuasion and offers readers examples of how the principle can be applied during interactions.

The Brain’s Way of Healing– Norman Doidge

While the neuroscience of leadership isn’t addressed directly in this book, this manuscript is an engaging dive into neuroplasticity which can, in turn, shape your leadership style. The Brain’s Way of Healing explores how the brain can change its own structure/function and improve its healing capacities. Doidge backs these claims through real-life stories of healing from Parkinson’s disease, learning disorders, and strokes. This is a book of great hope because it includes powerful examples of how the discovery of neuroplasticity has changed so many things. Readers learn easy and practical ways to minimize the risk of dementia and boost brain function.

The Biology of Belief– Bruce H. Lipton

When it comes to the neuroscience of leadership, this book encourages leaders to rethink what they know about thinking. Dr. Lipton, and fellow scientists, share discoveries about how the mind and body interact. Lipton claims our thoughts and beliefs can directly impact our base DNA, literally giving us the potential to turn on and turn off our internal systems. Like Napoleon Hill said, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

Leadership books can give you lots of tactics for managing people. Diving into the neuroscience of leadership or the “why” behind our behaviors and mindsets can spark significant changes that profoundly impact!