Navigating workplace conflict and emotionally difficult discussions requires self-awareness, empathy, and skill. In this course, you will gain techniques to thoughtfully approach sensitive conversations with clarity and care. Expand your capability to connect with others, redirect conversations, and resolve issues through practical frameworks.

What You Will Learn:
  • Assess personal communication gaps and overcome barriers.
  • Listen with empathy and curiosity to understand different perspectives.
  • Avoid communication pitfalls and address conflict constructively.
  • Set expectations and map conversation to facilitate tricky discussions.

How You Will Learn

Leveraging your personal or company LinkedIn Learning account, you will:

Engage in an eight-week guided learning experience.
Invest 1 - 2 hours of time each week.
Complete the program and earn 3 or more LinkedIn Learning Certificates

Program Format

Each eight-week program is organized into four 2-week sprints. This helps you focus and reach your goals.

Week 1: Learn & Apply
Week 2: Apply
Difficult Conversations
Gain Confidence Engaging in
Difficult Conversations.
How you Will Learn:
  • LEARN: Engage in curated LinkedIn Learning videos focused on real-world leadership communication challenges.
  • APPLY: Participate in scenario-based activities to practice and refine your approach to difficult conversations.
  • COACH: Benefit from personalized coaching sessions that provide guidance tailored to your unique challenges and leadership context.
Key Takeaways:
  • A nuanced understanding of how to approach difficult conversations constructively.
  • Enhanced listening skills to better assess and address the communication needs of others.
  • A toolkit of strategies for effective personal and professional communication.

This course engages leaders eager to develop their conversational acumen and lead with impact. Are you ready to transform challenges into opportunities for growth? Join us to elevate your leadership communication.

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