Effective time and priority management skills are essential for success. This course offers you the chance to reflect on your current time management habits and acquire techniques for prioritizing tasks based on their urgency and importance. By setting boundaries and overcoming procrastination, you'll learn how to maximize your time effectively.

What You Will Learn:
  • Gain clarity on priorities and use a prioritization tool effectively.
  • Analyze time to uncover trends, habits, and time wasters. 
  • Utilize calendars and to-do lists for effective time planning and set boundaries.
  • Stay motivated, identify energy levels, overcome procrastination, and develop actionable strategies for time management.

How You Will Learn

Leveraging your personal or company LinkedIn Learning account, you will:

Engage in an eight-week guided learning experience.
Invest 1 - 2 hours of time each week.
Complete the program and earn 3 or more LinkedIn Learning Certificates

Program Format

Each eight-week program is organized into four 2-week sprints. This helps you focus and reach your goals.

Week 1: Learn & Apply
Week 2: Apply
Presenting to a group of people
Gain Confidence to Better Manage Your Time and Priorities
How you Will Learn:
  • LEARN: Engage with a series of select LinkedIn Learning videos, each chosen to build a strong, informed foundation in time and priority management theory and practice.
  • APPLY: Address real-world time and priority management situations with practical application activities designed to turn theory into actionable skills.
  • COACH: Receive tailored coaching sessions that provide relevant guidance, addressing the specific challenges you encounter in your leadership role.
Key Takeaways:
  • Clear prioritization techniques for effective task management.
  • Boundary-setting strategies and tools to analyze time, identify time habits, and overcome time wasters.
  • Strategies for personalized work-life blend and steps to take action and conquer procrastination.

This course equips leaders at all levels to enhance their time management skills and learn methods to determine the most critical priorities. Are you ready to elevate your personal effectiveness by refining your time and priority management skills? Join us to learn strategies and apply concepts for your professional growth.

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