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Start with Integration Assistance

Our integration assistance program – Relo ReThrive™ – helps everyone succeed in their new location.

Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance Promotes Wellbeing & New Job Success

Start Your Transferees & Their Entire Household Off to a Successful Move & Protect Everyone’s Wellbeing in the Process

Your talent is off to a fresh start in a new city. Moving for career reasons is an exciting prospect. At the same time, relocations are full of unknowns. Here’s a tip from mobility experts – protect everyone’s wellbeing by providing support before, during, and after the move. New research reveals that 49% of organizations are investing more in wellbeing during relocations. (Get your copy of the new study here.)

Our Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance focuses on the key aspects of moving that will make the transition to a new city or country smooth for everyone in the household. Nearly 80% of mobility leaders and CHROs say relocation failure can be correlated with emotional wellbeing, as revealed in our latest research. Coaching meets a critical need necessary for everyone to thrive again.

With a dedicated relocation coach to support their needs before, during, and after the move, employees and their household will receive one-on-one support to address the personal and professional aspects of their relocation.


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For Singles & Couples

We offer Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance to help relocating talent maintain their wellbeing throughout the transition. Both relocating singles and couples will benefit from our Relo ReThrive™ service to support them in smoothly acclimating into their new role and home. 

Relo ReThrive Integration Assistance with IMPACT Group

Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance

1:Me™ Relocation Support & Personalized Action Plan

Relo ReThrive Integration Coaching Model, IMPACT Group
Relo ReThrive Integration Coaching Model, IMPACT Group
Relocation Services Study, IMPACT Group


New research reveals wellbeing during relocations is a growing priority.
Discover why.

A Coach in Your Corner


Mobility leaders say relocation failures can be correlated with emotional wellbeing.

Relo ReThrive™ Coaching

Coaches Promote Wellbeing & Address Emotional Issues of Moving

Integration Assistance Coaching Topics

Wellbeing & Business Results of Integration Assistance

With Relo ReThrive™, Everyone Will Thrive Again Faster  

Employers now recognize that employees who relocate – especially singles – are at significant risk of loneliness. This can stifle engagement, increase stress, exacerbate depression, and lead to serious physical conditions.

With a greater focus on helping employees and their households settle in after a relocation, you can minimize loneliness, stress, and a host of cascading negative effects. Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance – including the support of an expert relocation coach – can have a profound impact on wellbeing, engagement, and job satisfaction. Our program will:

  • Improve productivity. Reduce everyday stress to help employees be more effective at work. 80% of our participants report our services helped them save time.
  • Restore comfort and heighten sense of wellbeing. Integrate employees and their households into new cities and countries faster so they thrive and embrace the relocation.
  • Build connections. Support employees, including singles, with establishing a network of friends and connections through special interest groups and activities.
  • Boost your employer brand. Our relocation coaching programs deliver palpable value. Your employees and members of their household will brag about how they were so optimally supported.

A Package for Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance

Designed by Mobility Experts

  • One-to-me (1:Me™) coaching with an area expert
  • Transition plan to support the entire relocation process
  • Coaching on working through change
  • Guidance on establishing and accomplishing goals in the new area
  • Research on local resources and information to help the household create new routines and hobbies
  • Innovative career and integration portal with resources on every aspect of the move
  • Progress reporting for you and your team


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and relocation. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s situation and goals.

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