IMPACT Group Puts DEI Into Action

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are among our core
corporate values.

Our Focus on Continuous Improvement

We invigorate our strategic plans and daily work life with these values by focusing on four calls to action:

  • Unlock Potential
  • Be Kind
  • Do Right
  • Team Up
To ensure IMPACT Group’s DEI values are palpable by the people and diverse communities we serve, our DEI Support Team acts as a resource for our entire frontline coaching community.
This team – newly formed in 2021 – is made up of a diverse set of coaches who provide educational tools and support to all client-facing coaches and other staff.
Our coaches are the face of IMPACT Group as they work each day to foster an environment of inclusion and belonging for every IMPACT Group client and participant.
With the active engagement of our DEI Support Team, our goal is to continuously improve our competencies in working with diverse populations. This program builds on our longstanding commitment and track record in supporting our participants and their household where there is a situation of diversity.

How We Customize Programs to Support
Each Participant

We customize relocation, leadership development, outplacement, and any other type of coaching for the needs of our participants primarily through our 1:Me™ coaching approach.
We focus on the questions program participants (clients) ask and the unique challenges they face as they express them. When we learn in our assessment stage that a household has a diversity need, we assign them to a coach with credentials or background geared to support their unique situation.
Should we learn of this need after our program has begun, the assigned coach will partner with a member of the DEI Support Team with experience in this area as a second share in the coaching relationship.
The support we then provide to the household will relate to the unique set of challenges and questions faced by the individual or family. For example, some of our participants wish to locate neighborhoods that are accepting of diversity or have specific demographics, resources, etc.
Others may wish to make local connections, find local resources geared to support the community, and gain other insights that may help them navigate the new landscape/culture of their new community.
Through every scenario, we walk alongside participants to ensure they thrive.
To make a positive impact, one relationship at a time.
Build a better world by empowering people to find and grow great careers.
UNLOCK POTENTIAL: Demonstrate passion that makes a difference.
BE KIND: Approach each interaction with positive intent.
DO RIGHT: Create stories you want to share with family.
TEAM UP: Rise and win together.

Proud to be a second-generation woman-owned business.

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