A Repatriation Program to Help Expats

& Their Families Begin Again

Show care & concern for the wellbeing of your expats with this valuable repatriation program.

Our Repatriation Program Delivers on Expectations

Your employees returning from a cross-border assignment have experienced a lot.  As they return home, they may not know exactly what to expect from family, friends and colleagues. But they will certainly hope their employer shows support and recognition. Here’s why you want them to repatriate with the care of an expert coach.

Your organization carefully selected talent to take on global assignments. As an employer, you’ve invested significant time, energy, and resources into these highly skilled associates.

Now it’s time for repatriation — a time for their success to become the foundation for further success.

Your transferee has more experience, and is likely to possess new skills and a higher level of multicultural competence. Often, the employer’s goal is to retain such talent. Or provide assistance with career transition. Providing strong support is crucial during repatriations so that employees either continue on a productive path or they depart with a healthy appreciation for their former employer. In either situation, this is an important time for an employer to demonstrate loyalty and strong interest in the employees’ continuing career.

Our repatriation program will demonstrate your commitment to the employee’s future. The program helps empower employees and their households to take positive steps forward as they wrap up an assignment. The program helps them prepare to continue making valuable contributions to your business — either as an employee or as an employee alumni and strong advocate of your brand.


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Program Overview

Create a Repatriation Program & Action Plan for All Household Members

Everyone in the household will be affected by the repatriation process. Even though they are returning to a familiar area, feeling adjusted and finding needed resources may take more time and effort than they expect. Our experienced transition and career coaches have all lived as expats before. They will coach the employee and their household through the practical and emotional challenges of repatriation so they navigate them with less stress.

Our repatriation program offers career support for whatever comes next.

Most employees returning from an international assignment have gained valuable global knowledge and insights that can be leveraged by the sponsoring organization. IMPACT Group’s repatriation program helps individuals clearly align their global skills with organizational needs for career advancement and organizational benefit.

Together, a one-on-one coach will help the assignee identify, showcase, and leverage their global experience to communicate their value to your organization. Depending on the circumstances, we can also empower your assignees who are exiting your organization after their global assignment. Our coaches then focus on an external job search strategy to make a seamless transition to a new company.

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Key Coaching Topics Include:


  • Developing a repatriation program transition plan
  • Coping with changes the household may experience
  • Establishing goals during the transition
  • Researching the household’s needs to create new routines & hobbies
  • Completing a career assessment
  • Creating a CV/resume & cover letters
  • Making professional networking contacts
  • Identifying potential employers
  • Enhancing interviewing & negotiation skills


Talent Ready for Every Opportunity

As you expand your global presence, our Repatriation Program will:

  • Retain your investment in your employee. Understand how to leverage their global expertise in a new role at your company.
  • Empower employees. Help your talent effectively communicate their global experiences and accomplishments.
  • Value global talent. Invest in their long-term success after returning home.
  • Create stability. Restore dual-income status for your employees’ households to allow them to return to normal faster.

How It Works

  • Dedicated 1:Me™ coaching
  • Personal needs assessment to create customized program
  • Transition plan to support the entire repatriation process
  • Development of Internal Profile to capture employee accomplishments 
  • Tailored job search strategy based on career goals for both the employee and the accompanying talent
  • Innovative career and integration portal with resources on every aspect of the move
  • Membership to InterNations – the most powerful relationship building platform of its kind


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and relocation. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s situation and goals.

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