Career Development &
Career Management at IMPACT Group

IMPACT Group seeks out talented, motivated people and encourages them to embrace the challenge of pursuing excellence. Each individual retains the ultimate responsibility for his or her career planning and continuous growth. Managers stand as full partners in supporting team members to develop their full potential.

We believe that as an employee, you should:
      1. Pursue continuous growth and development, excelling in your current role and preparing for new experiences.
      2. Own your development plans, seek and pursue learning experiences, and build productive relationships with peers and mentors.
      3. Capture and share your skills, experiences, and aspirations to market yourself for potential opportunities. Your goal is to be the best possible candidate for opportunities as you grow your career.

Learning through Experience, Learning from Others & Learning from Resources

While creating your career development plan, it is important to identify specific activities that will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career aspirations. These should be a combination of experience, learning from others, and educational/training activities in order for the highest potential for learning and growth to occur.

To make a positive impact, one relationship at a time.
Build a better world by empowering people to find and grow great careers.
UNLOCK POTENTIAL: Demonstrate passion that makes a difference.
BE KIND: Approach each interaction with positive intent.
DO RIGHT: Create stories you want to share with family.
TEAM UP: Rise and win together.

Work with Us

Move careers forward, starting with your own. Share your passion for people as a part of our diverse team. At IMPACT Group, we learn from each other. We laugh with each other. And together, we coach people to grow through every career change and transition.

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