Reduce Risk with a Workforce Reduction Checklist

From start to finish, we have you covered. Let this checklist walk you through the 4 phases of a workforce reduction. Get there with less risk and less stress.

Workforce Reduction

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Must-Have Checklist for Laying Staff Off

Unsure where to start? Never done this before? Like any major project, breaking it down step by step gives you the action items you need when laying staff off. Don’t let fear and uncertainty stall your efforts.

Proper planning for you and your team will calm nerves, reduce risks to your organization, and ensure all employees are supported – both those who exit and those who remain.

This checklist walks you through the 4 phases of laying staff off. As our most downloaded content piece, hundreds of HR leaders have used it to help them prepare. Get started now to manage this time well and with a clear head.

Laying Staff Off

We’ve used other outplacement firms, many of them offer services by way of rhetoric. Unlike the others, IMPACT Group delivers a strong experience and high value, demonstrating that Grainger values all employees – including those who are leaving.

Hank Galatz
Associate General Counsel

Foot Locker has used IMPACT Group’s Outplacement Services for several years. They have consistently provided a high level of service. They have been highly successful in helping our employees transition into new roles. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great partner.

Brian Ziegler
VP Global Total Rewards
Foot Locker

IMPACT Group provides highly attentive service to our people in career transition and to us as a client.


Steven Kase
VP Human Resources

Here’s everything you need to manage a workforce reduction.

Our workforce reduction checklist covers:

Outplacement Services


Years / Average
Coach Experience




Annual Coaching