Executive Coaching

Develop Change Agents to De-Risk Your Tech Investment

Your digital transformation will challenge even your best managers. Executive coaching empowers leaders to be the change agents your organization needs to achieve exceptional business results. 

Coaching Services for Top Leaders

Executive Coaching That Makes an Impact

Executive Coaching

Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about mildly supportive chats over coffee. We’re talking about true executive coaching – a program with rigor – that begins by matching a talented coach with your executive or high-level leader.

IMPACT Group is a leading provider of executive coaching services that transform bosses into leaders.

It’s not surprising that many leaders ascended to their positions because of their business acumen. Relationship building, emotional intelligence, coalition development, communication and persuasive ability – those are the fine arts of top-level management. Many star performers find that accomplishing goals through others is the hardest work they’ve ever done.

Executive coaches help your leaders expand their ability to influence others and be truly effective. The best executive coaching challenges us and holds us accountable to accomplish more. That’s why well-managed organizations pair their executives with coaches.

You don’t see any professional sports teams putting their players on the field without a coach. Your C-Suite competes just as hard!

What Our Clients Say About Coaching:

How Do You Get Executive Buy-In for Executive Coaching?

The best way to get buy-in for executive coaching is to focus on your organization’s most critical business priorities. Then show how these goals align with the results of coaching.

Need to transform your company culture to attract and retain talent? Executive coaching helps build trust, empathy and inclusivity. These are the foundations of a powerful, talent-attracting culture.

Need to step up accountability and performance? Through executive coaching, leaders will improve their communication skills – including the ability to tackle tough conversations with professionalism. These soft skills help build accountability and transparency, which are the foundations of high-performance teams.

Growing fast and need to upskill functional leaders to take on higher levels of responsibility? This goal is at the heart of executive coaching, where emerging executives have a sounding board and advisor to help them grow as effective people leaders.

Performance Coaching Leadership Study Results, IMPACT Group

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Not sure where to start? Start small as a way to pilot the benefits of coaching. Our 360° Coaching Package features a 360° assessment plus three coaching sessions. This affordable program will help you boost leadership competencies and effectiveness. Save 15% when you purchase six programs or more. Take advantage of this promotion today!

360 Assessment


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Annual Coaching



How It Works

  • Dedicated engagements with executive coach
  • Birkman Method® and 360° Assessment
  • Structured framework with semi-monthly coaching commitments
  • Personalized action plan
  • Option to involve executive’s leader


Actionable Executive Coaching Services that Yield Results

Through one-on-one Coaching Services for Executives, your leaders will:

  • Gain insight into their potential. Your executives will experience heightened overall effectiveness while discovering their full potential.
  • Drive success. By improving overall effectiveness, leaders are better positioned to deliver exponential results for your company.
  • Develop improved self-awareness. Executives will discover and learn how to break through potentially derailing actions and behaviors.

  • Focus on their goals. Together the executive and coach will create a plan to work toward measurable, achievable goals.

Are Digital Transformations Delivering ROI?*

Executive leadership development programs

Nearly 90% of large companies globally have a digital or AI transformation underway.

Executive leadership development programs

These companies have only captured 31% of the expected revenue lift. 

Executive leadership development programs

In addition, these orgs have only realized 25% of the expected cost savings from their efforts.

*Source: Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Leadership is Critical to Digital Success

By investing in executive coaching and leadership development, employers can de-risk huge capital investments in digital transformation.

  • Pressure to automate. With scarce available labor, companies will have to automate to be competitive. Mundane tasks must be handled by systems, not people.
  • Risk of bad ethics and outcomes. Ethical business decisions can’t be delegated to machines. Human-powered leadership remains critical when harnessing AI and machine learning. 
  • Alignment of business and people goals. Innovation taxes people who need to adapt, learn, and sometimes fail before they succeed. Inspirational leaders keep everyone engaged in the challenge. 
Executive coaching
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Executive Coaching Overview

Coaching Your Top Talent

When it comes to leadership, there’s really no finish line.

Even your high-level leaders – your key executives – will benefit from coaching that will accelerate their personal and professional competencies. For both high-performing leaders who are self-motivated to cover new ground and long-established executives who may need to develop new habits and overcome derailing issues, Executive Coaching Services can activate rapid growth and turnaround.

Our executive coaches facilitates personalized, one-on-one, breakthrough-level engagements. IMPACT Group carefully matches your leader with a highly skilled, executive coach to ensure their relationship will be candid and productive. Then, for the next six to nine months, your leader and their coach will work through a strategic process focused on results that align with your organization’s goals.

Unsure if executive coaching services are right for you or your company? Here are five myths that we dispel to reveal the real truths of executive coaching.

Activate rapid growth & turnaround with executive coaching.
ARIA Model

Actionable Coaching for Executives

Executive coaches with IMPACT Group use the ARIA model — a brain-based approach to get from Awareness to Action.

Executives report that these coaching engagements are transformative. A one-on-one Executive Coach empowers leaders to build self-awareness, develop a strategic approach, grow their EQ and enhance their ability to motivate teams in order to drive transformational results.

Through the process, they gain invaluable insight into their next-level leadership potential, enjoy enhanced success with their teams and experienced heightened overall effectiveness. This is achieved through dedicated coaching engagements with an Executive Coach, structured framework for coaching engagements, assessments and a personalized action plan.

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