3 Popular Personality Tests
Among Leadership

Talent management professionals use popular personality tests to help people understand themselves and the impact they have on others. Here are 3 popular assessments for learning more about your employees’ strengths, interests, and leadership potential.

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Popular Personality Tests Q&A

Curious about the most popular personality tests? Wonder if you’re an ISFJ or an ENFP? These tests are great at helping you discern your strengths and interests. Here are quick facts about the top three. 

What are popular personality tests used for?

These tests help people understand themselves and the impact they have on others. Leadership development and job search coaches use them to help candidates assess their strengths and interests.

When were the 3 most popular personality tests invented?

The DiSC was developed in 1950 and measures personality on two dimension. Birkman was created soon after, in 1951. It plots four symbols across a four-square grid of two dimensions. Last, the MBTI was invented in 1962. It assesses personality traits over four dimensions.

What is the most popular MBTI personality type?

13.8% of individuals are ISFJ. On the flip side, the least common personality type is INFJ, which represented 1.5% of individuals.

Which DiSC personality type is the rarest?

D (dominance). This personality type makes up only 9% of the global population. It is characterized as direct, competitive, decisive, and authoritative. Celebrities with this personality type include Barbara Walters, Tiger Woods, and David Letterman.

Discover quick facts about the three most popular personality tests.

Talent management professionals use popular personality tests such as the DiSC®, Birkman®, and Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) tests to help people understand themselves and the impact they have on others. Organizations leverage these assessments to learn more about their employees’ strengths, interests, and leadership potential.

Are you a red? Or an ENTJ?
Ever heard someone say “I’m a yellow” or “I’m a red?” If so, he or she may be referring to a DiSC or Birkman profile. These are two different frameworks, but both use color-coded grids to describe personality types.

You may have you heard people describe themselves as an “INFP,” “ENTJ,” or some other crazy four-letter label. If so, they are probably referring to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), another one of the popular personality tests. The MBTI characterizes 16 unique personality types. All three of these tests are very popular in talent management circles.

Reivew the popular personality tests infographic to see what’s right for your organization.

This infographic offers a good basic primer on the differences between these three tests and which may be right for your organization. Investing in your high-potentials is a must, with 94% of employees saying they would stay at a company longer if the organization invested in helping them grow. Start with a personality test, then use that information to fuel growth plans for key talent. Seventy-four percent (74%) of employees feel they aren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities. An investment in leadership development is more affordable than you may think. Explore our programs today to learn more.

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