Relocating for a Job Affects Your Wellbeing

Check out the infographic below to see the major effects of relocating for a job. Employees report a combination of tactical challenges & emotional issues when moving. Here’s how employers & mobility leaders are responding to their growing need for wellbeing support.

Relocating for a Job Infographic

This infographic explores the affect of relocating for a job on a person’s wellbeing.

To understand the potential challenges of moving, IMPACT Group completed the third edition of the People Perspective on Relocation Survey, which focuses on people’s personal experiences during their recent corporate-sponsored moves. The data in this inforgraphic proves that there is a growing need for support and resources to address the emotional wellbeing of everyone who relocates. In fact, 70% of employees would have valued receiving additional resources and assistance to help them feel at home again in the new area.

Corprotions are recognizing this growing need. Our research shows that 49% of organizations are likely to invest more in wellbeing during relocations. For more insights on the corporate side of relocations, you can access our Relocation Services & Wellbeing Trends Study here.

Relocating for a Job Q&A

Moving is often cited as the third most stressful life event people go through. These quick facts share employees’ perspective on their emotional wellbeing while relocating for a job. 

What’s the #1 concern when moving?

Employees agree that determining where to live is their biggest stressor. Housing inventory is tight in the U.S., and mortgage rates have rapidly increased. Both of these things can create issues for relocating talent.

How does relocating for a job affect an employee’s wellbeing?

56% of employees experience emotional or personal challenges that last 3 months or longer following their move.

What about relocation and loneliness?

Survey respondents report that their feelings of loneliness doubled after the move. 20% feel that their emotional challenges have a significant or very significant effect on their ability to focus at work.

Do employees want support while relocating for a job?

70% of employees would have valued additional resources and assistance in their relocation package to help them feel at home again.

Relocating for a job is on the rise again – returning to pre-pandemic numbers.

Moving is often cited as the third most stressful life event that people go through, following behind getting a divorce and the death of a spouse or child. But for many, who are fortunate to not have dealt with the top two issues, “moving is the most stressful thing I have ever done,” according to a recent mover. The unique combination of tactical activities in a very short period of time plus the emotional ups and downs due to the level of change can bring up a perfect storm of challenges, even if the move is by choice and for exciting reasons like relocating for a job or a promotion.

This being said, there are lots of reasons why corporations still need people to move, despite the increase in remote work. It can also be good for people in their career development. According to Worldwide ERC, corporate relocation is back up to pre-pandemic levels in many industries. While many organizations are embracing remote work part time, Worldwide ERC also shows that remote work is primarily hybrid work.

For individuals interested in climbing the career ladder in a corporate environment, relocating for a job may be expected as a means of gaining diversity of experience and exposure to different businesses and markets.

Relocation Services Study, IMPACT Group


New research reveals wellbeing during relocations is a growing priority.
Discover why.

Singles, Mobility & Loneliness

Employers now recognize that employees who relocate – especially singles – are at significant risk of loneliness. This can stifle engagement, increase stress, exacerbate depression, and lead to serious physical conditions.

The solution? IMPACT Group’s relocation integration coaches provide valuable support to help your associates settle in comfortably and socially.

Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance promotes wellbeing when relocating for a job.

Start your transferees and their entire household off to a successful start in the new location. And protect everyone’s wellbeing in the process.

Your talent is off to a fresh start in a new city. Moving for career reasons is an exciting prospect. At the same time, relocations are full of unknowns. Here’s a tip from mobility experts – protect everyone’s wellbeing by providing support before, during, and after the move. New research reveals that 49% of organizations are investing more in wellbeing during relocations. (Get your copy of the new study here.)

Our Relo ReThrive™ Integration Assistance focuses on the key aspects of moving that will make the transition to a new city or country smooth for everyone in the household. Nearly 80% of mobility leaders and CHROs say relocation failure can be correlated with emotional wellbeing, as revealed in our latest research. Coaching meets a critical need necessary for everyone to thrive again.

With a dedicated relocation coach to support their needs before, during, and after the move, employees and their household will receive one-on-one support to address the personal and professional aspects of their relocation.

Relo ReThrive™ Coaching

Coaches Promote Wellbeing & Address Emotional Issues of Moving

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