Frontline Manager Leadership Program

Lack Engagement in Your Frontline Manager Leadership Program?

If you’re like many organizations, you leverage online learning to develop frontline and early career managers. 63% of HR leaders state engagement is a problem with online learning tools. Find this to be true at your org? Supercharge your frontline manager leadership program by pairing online learners with a coach. Coaching leads to transformation!

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Achieve a 5-Star Frontline Manager Leadership Program

Today’s goal for a frontline manager leadership program is to deliver an experience that adult learners value as worthwhile and as a tangible investment in their development. Your leaders crave validation that you are highly committed to their personal growth.

Online learning alone has a low perceived value by employees, which leads to underutilization. This is why online courses alone don’t create new behaviors. That’s where Link Learn Coach™ comes in. Pairing online learning with microcoaching increases the perceived value and performance results – achieving a 5-star rating for value, results, and scale.

5-Star Frontline Manager Leadership Program


Companies that indicated a coach assigned to an online learner could increase program engagement.*

*Source: IMPACT Group’s Corporate Online Learning Study. Get your copy here.

Improve Development Results with Affordable, Scalable Microcoaching

Frontline Managers
Achieve more from your frontline manager leadership program with scalable coaching.

Coaching Services for Frontline Managers

Pair Online Learning with Microcoaching

Frontline Manager Leadership Program

To get the most out of your frontline manager leadership program, double down on scalable coaching – not just learning. When you combine modalities, such as LinkedIn Learning® with microcoaching, you create a scalable solution that fosters higher levels of application, establishes accountability to grow, and addresses key development goals. Learners will stay the course and apply more of what they learn when you blend online learning with coaching.

IMPACT Group’s Link Learn Coach™ Program is a valuable eight-week journey that combines curated LinkedIn Learning® courses with live leadership coaching. Participants select a program that is highly relevant to today’s leadership challenges. Over the course of eight weeks, they will transfer what they learn in the LinkedIn Learning® content into actionable steps that enhance their leadership effectiveness, improve their behaivors, and create lasting change within your organization.

Coaching is the key to turning learning into application. Our latest leadership study on online learning reveales that 84% of HR and Talent leaders believe online learners are more likely to put new skills to use if they also work with a coach.

    Here’s What Managers Say about Link Learn Coach™:

    Take this course! The short videos and activities are excellent change management tools. Discussing work examples and challenges with my coach helped me build skills and apply the concepts at work immediately. The weekly time commitment is brief and worth it!

    Administrative Manager

    My coach asked great questions and really made me think of how I can apply the change management skills to both work and personal situations. This was a very good experience. I would definitely take another learning track.

    Transaction Management

    Coaching that Scales

    Coaching’s not just for the top of the pyramid anymore. Microcoaching provides scalable coaching so all leadership levels – including frontline managers – benefit from the power of coaching.

    So what’s microcoaching? This new coaching model is growing in popularity. It offers short coaching engagements (typically 30 minutes) over a one- or two-month timeframe. Participants enjoy all the benefits of coaching in a shorter time commitment compared to traditional programs. And employers enjoy the benefits of coaching at a reasonable price. (Learn more about microcoaching here.)

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    We do the work! We curate content, develop learning activities, and match each learner with a professional coach.

    Link Learn Coach™ Program Overview

    Coaching is a Powerful Enhancement to Your LinkedIn Learning® Investment



    Each program is an eight-week learning journey to enhance your frontline manager leadership program. In conjunction with curated LinkedIn Learning® content, program participants complete hands-on application activities and receive four one-on-one coaching sessions.


    1. Curated Content. Learn from experts on essential leadership skills.
    2. Customized Activities. Apply newfound knowledge through guided activities and reflection.
    3. Personalized Coaching. Partner with a coach to overcome real-world challenges and reinforce learning.
    Frontline Leadership Training

    Frontline Managers

    Do your managers have too little time for development?

    In about 60-90 minutes per week, your frontline managers can complete this comprehensive, eight-week program. That includes four coaching sessions with a live coach.

    Link Learn Coach™ Timeline:

    Frontline Managers

    How Successful Organizations Leverage a Frontline Manager Leadership Program to Retain Talent

    There are major business benefits to investing in your talent’s leadership development needs. Leading organizations who invest in development reap what they sow in these three key areas.

    1. Improve trust & culture.
    In today’s tight talent market, trust is more of a business concern than in the past. Employees are less committed to employers they don’t trust. Employees want to see that their employer is investing in them – making investments in their upskilling and professional development. This sets the foundation for a talent-attracting workplace culture.

    2. Successfully lead change & transformations.
    By investing in a frontline manager leadership program, employers can de-risk huge capital investments in digital transformation. Your digital transformation will challenge even your best managers. Coaching empowers leaders to be the change agents your organization needs to achieve exceptional business results.

    3. Prepare next-gen leaders who stay.
    Providing leadership development is a concrete way to show you value your star talent. They are less likely to leave when they feel valued. And they will be better prepared for future leadership roles when the time is right.

    Executive Leadership Development Programs

    How Link Learn Coach™ Works:

    • Curated LinkedIn Learning® video content
    • Customized hands-on application activities
    • Four one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Ability to select from multiple programs relevant to today’s leadership challenges
    • Note: LinkedIn Learning® seats are purchased and provided to employees by the client 

    *LinkedIn® and LinkedIn Learning® are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation. Link Learn Coach™ is a product of IMPACT Group.

    Achieve 5-star success in your frontline manager leadership program.