Outplacement Services for Albany Metropolitan Area

Strategic outplacement support for your business and your employees.

Create a Clear Path Forward to Success

Need outplacement services in Albany? We know how to conduct flawless, compassionate layoffs. Let IMPACT Group create a smooth transition for everyone.

Outplacement Services in Albany: The Benefits to Your Company

  • Significantly decrease the likelihood of future litigation
  • Improve morale, motivation, and productivity among remaining staff
  • Promote a positive public perception of your company’s brand during times of change

Reduce the Stress That Accompanies Job Loss

Let our career coaches help your laid-off employees identify new opportunities in the shortest amount of time so they can land their next job faster.

IMPACT Group’s Outplacement Services emphasize one-on-one professional coaching combined with leading-edge technology. We provide job seekers with guidance and robust resources for a smooth transition.

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World-class coaching. It’s what we do.


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Albany Employment, Entrepreneurship, Remote Work, or Relocation

Our first step is to learn your transitioning employees’ goals: Looking for full-time employment, part-time roles, gig work, volunteer services, or active retirement? Wanting to start a business or serve on a board? Our partnership with Santa Clara University’s My Own Business Institute has allowed us to jump start the success of many entrepreneurs.

Where will former employees want to live? Just as in real estate, career transition is often focused on location. Some will stay in Albany. Others will be open to relocation. Our expert outplacement coaches know Albany employers and the Albany job market. They also know the latest trends, including how to find remote employment.

Why Will Choosing IMPACT Group be a Success?

  • We offer a 1:Me™ (one-to-me) – Hyper-personalized experience you won’t find elsewhere. It starts with our first HR consultation and continues throughout the employee’s coaching and online experience.
  • Our coaching talent is the best in the industry – Led by a former Fortune 500 HR executive, our coaches embrace our 1:Me™ philosophy. We’re grounded in the value of expert coaching.
  • We deliver outstanding results – To both our clients in HR and employees in transition. Our proven, 1:Me™ approach works! Job seekers transition 2.5 times faster with IMPACT Group.
  • You have full visibility, so you’ll see the results – Transparency makes a difference. Our client portal allows you to view results – including program engagement levels and quality scores for each individual.
  • Our resources run deep – We serve clients in Albany and around the globe, with hundreds of career coaches. We deliver targeted local projects as well as global projects of any size or scale.
  • We favor individualized experience over cookie-cutter – We have proven methods, processes, and systems, but we reject rigid models of standardization that squelch creativity and customer delight.
  • We absorb stress and change – A high-profile workforce reduction can be exceptionally stressful — for the employees affected as well as HR professionals who are managing the exits. Our role is to absorb these stresses. With calm experience, we proactively anticipate your needs.

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