Employee Layoff: How to Prepare for Involuntary Separations

Prepare for your employee layoff with our best-practice checklist. 

Employee Layoff

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An Employee Layoff Can Tarnish Your Brand If Not Expertly Managed

The news of an employee layoff spreads fast – and sometimes furiously – through your organization, your customer base, and supply chain via word of mouth and social platforms. With this in mind, the best way to manage your brand’s reputation is to organize and prepare.

Our Checklist Steps You Through the Process

This helpful tool steps you through the fundamental phases of an organized employee layoff. We offer advice on the following critical planning phases:

  1. Decision-Making – Review typical, upfront business decisions required to enable a smooth, compassionate process.
  2. Planning & Preparation – Tips for developing severance packages, empowering your separated employees with outplacement coaching, and creating messaging that aligns with your brand promise.
  3. Managing Notification Day – How to address the needs of separated employees as well as remaining staff.
  4. Managing Recovery – How to lead recovery with an open communication plan.

For 30 years, IMPACT Group has served the needs of employers and their departing talent with compassion. Caring organizations offer outplacement. It’s not just the right thing to do from a humanistic perspective, it’s also the right business move.

HR Leaders Rely on IMPACT Group for Flawless Outplacement

An Employee Layoff Can Generate More Employee Alumni

Think strategically about how these alumni can support – or tarnish – your brand.

Employee Layoff

Outplacement is Critical for Layoff Success

As laid-off employees exit, emotions can run high. People sometimes feel undervalued, abused, and even disgraced. With more time on their hands, they may dwell on the loss in a way that’s emotionally unhealthy. Grieving job loss is certainly normal, but it’s important to deal positively with the loss in order to move forward. That’s what our expert and certified career coaches do. We help people move forward.

With Expert Coaching, Your Employees Can Explore an Array of Options:




Consulting &
gig work



It’s No Secret: Our Outplacement Coaches Set Us Apart

Our coaches deliver services in 68 countries and 22 languages. We hire only the world’s best coaches. Coach performance and continuous improvement are always top of mind. At IMPACT Group, we know how to create and maintain a strong and consistent coaching culture where we share a common goal – helping people transform and transition.

We Support HR Through Employee Layoffs

Whether it’s managing routine separations or a large employee layoff, we have you covered. Our team can staff and support each of these phases of your layoff:

  • Succession Planning
  • Planning an Involuntary Employee Layoff
  • Managing & Staffing Notification Day Communications
  • Company Recovery
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Career Transition Coaching
Executive Transition Coaching
Strategic Planning
Manager Notification Training

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Layoff in Your Future?

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