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Allison Grealis is President of the Women in Manufacturing Association and Education Foundation, as well as Podcast Host of Hear Her Story

In this episode Lauren and Allison discuss:

– Supporting, promoting, and inspiring women in manufacturing careers

– How more women can advance to leadership/positions of power in manufacturing

– How leaders in manufacturing can address important issues/policies to ensure women feel supported

– The impact that Women in Manufacturing Association has made for women in the manufacturing industry

– Bridging the gap between challenges for women on the floor as well as in leadership

 Key takeaways:

– The Women in Manufacturing Association has achieved 2% growth (from 27% to 29%) over the past 10 years for women entering the manufacturing industry and advancing women to positions of power.

– Providing constructive and specific feedback is a key leadership quality that is a critical part of development and advancement for women.

– Coaching is a critical accelerator for women’s careers – helps to boost confidence, understand how you are perceived, make decisions, determine visioning for your career, and more.

– Having female comradery and a sense of community with others that are like you is important to managing daily personal and professional demands.

– When doubting your confidence, remind yourself that you have those skillsets and abilities that just need to be harnessed.

– Apply for new positions even if you don’t meet all criteria. Be willing to learn new tasks required of a role while finding resources to grow your skills and fill gaps.

Without feedback, how can we grow as leaders and individuals?” – Allison Grealis

People are looking for great places to work, places to work where those companies are committed to treating people well, helping the environment, being sustainable, being inclusive of people of all different backgrounds…this is challenging companies to take a look at how they do business.”

– Allison Grealis

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