Banks Staples-Pecht – Inquiry & Exploration


Banks Staples-Pecht is an ICF-Certified Coach

In this episode Lauren and Banks discuss:

  • Seizing clarity in your goals and career aspirations
  • Defining what success means to you
  • Emotion-based decisions and the framework of should versus want
  • The power of story and importance of bringing different points of view together
  • Humor in leadership and how to use if effectively
  • Leveraging emotional intelligence in servant leadership
  • Being intentional and connected in decision making

Key takeaways:

  • It’s important to create a space and take the first steps to determine what you want and how you want to feel professionally
  • The power of story is crucial for leaders as it helps open a safe space for team members that allows for listening (rather than telling) and exploration of different perspectives
  • Humor builds trust, breaks people out of fixed thinking, and helps build on something challenging in a way that feels safer
  • In advancing or leveling up, top performers can maximize their performance through a high degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to find clarity

Stay in the now with an eye to the next.” – Banks Staples-Pecht

When we get to a certain point, we have to start focusing more on the how of leadership than the what of the job.” – Banks Staples-Pecht

The beauty of humor is that it can be one of our great tools to connect around hard things by finding the things that are funny.” – Banks Staples-Pecht

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