Bernie Frazier – Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Success


Bernie Frazier is a career coach at IMPACT Group; prior recruiter; and author of Your Success Is in You!: Empowering and Equipping You to Create Your Best Career Ever!

In this episode Lauren and Bernie discuss:

Owning your own career success

Interview strategies

The negotiation process

How to work with internal recruiters as a job seeker, their role in helping you achieve your career goals, and how candidates can work through a recruiter to receive other opportunities

Key takeaways:

Determining what you want in your career is the foundation to achieving help from a career coach.

If your goal is to be on the revenue-generating side of the business, you must be careful in how you select opportunities and understand what is required to get you there.

Candidates should approach a job search by thinking like the person you are targeting, not by focusing on what sounds good to you.

For individuals to set themselves apart as a candidate, they should connect with a recruiter and create a relationship by understanding the recruiters needs and offering referrals to other candidates for jobs that may not be a good fit – this will make them want to help the candidate out as well.

Practice before interviews to ensure that you have quality answers to questions in a succinct manner.

Make sure to provide examples focused on your personal efforts (instead of team efforts) and talk about results of your actions to showcase the impact that your efforts had.

For negotiations, make sure that you are compensated adequately based on skills that you bring to the table and complete research to gain understanding of fair compensation.

Act like a candidate, think like a recruiter.” – Bernie Frazier

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