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Betsy Cohen is Executive Director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project and Author of Welcome to the USA, You’re Hired: A Guide for Foreign Born People Seeking Jobs.

In this episode Lauren and Betsy discuss:

⦁ Helping foreign-born people with the job search, job search progression, and strategies to succeed and advance in an American corporation

⦁ Managing emotions that come with starting a job search as a foreign-born individual

⦁ Three biggest challenges that foreign-born job seekers face

⦁ The importance of having a support network

⦁ The impact that refugees have on growing regions

Key takeaways:

⦁ It’s important for foreign-born people to have friends that are outside of their ethnic group to build authentic relationships and a network of people that know other people – this helps to feel more grounded in U.S. culture and find the hidden job market when looking for a job.

⦁ Foreign-born people should volunteer to serve others in the community – this will assist in overcoming loneliness while building bonds with others.

⦁ If a foreign-born person comes with a certain skill, they should look to join that professional association or network to maintain those skills and network.

⦁ Work towards overcoming challenges of self-presentation on a resume, understanding the interview process, and building a network.

⦁ To advance, individuals should take advantage of employee resource groups within companies; not hide their success; and find mentors/sponsors.

“It’s important as a county that we show that from both a humanitarian and an economic and a cultural basis, that we can do this.” – Betsy Cohen

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