Caroline Dowd-Higgins – Prepare for what’s Next


Caroline is host of the Your Working Life podcast, a career coach, author and speaker.

In this episode Lauren and Caroline discuss: 

  •  Why it’s important to get a “growth strategy” or an exit strategy
  •  How can we be better at speaking our minds
  •  Getting quiet with yourself, thinking through if your personal goals and professional goals are aligned.
  •  How we can promote equity and diversity in the workplace

Key Takeaways:

  •  We always need to be a step ahead, thinking “what’s next.” So many uncertainties happen, we need to be prepared.
  •  Listen and also speak up. Think about how you can be a “solution provider.”
  •  Beware the trap of “it’ll get better when…” Don’t wait for it to get better, make it better. The situation is real, but suffering is optional – there are many opportunities to change that.
  •  Be intentional about diversity. It’s not enough to just say it, you have to act.

“Power is not given, it’s taken. So we all need to take our power and assume it and use it for good.” – Caroline Dowd-Higgins

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