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Carrie Kerpen is Co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media; host of All the Social Ladies podcast; and author of Work It: Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business.

In this episode Lauren and Carrie discuss:

How to stand out with social media

Women and money

Dealing with financial anxiety

Benefits of building a Fab Personal Advisory Board (PAB)

Practicing boundaries and saying “no” more often to gain power

Failure and challenges – how you can fail fantastically

The importance of demonstrating vulnerability to demonstrate confidence and leadership while leveling up

Key takeaways:

Recognize that social media is a highlight reel, you need to find your own highlight reel that is truly and authentically you.

No presence on social media is a presence and comes across that you don’t want to be found – if individuals are looking for you, they will then look at someone else.

Women must train themselves to push past being risk averse by becoming educated, interacting with women in a safe space, and negotiating around compensation and salary while utilizing a “mental mute” to allow negotiators to come to you.

An advisory board comprised of individuals that have experience in areas that you would like to improve upon will help you enhance your life and get your career to the next level.

It’s important to not just fail and learn from it, but to be willing to share this failure with others to help them feel okay with their own failures.

When women work together, we are so much more powerful.” – Carrie Kerpen

You have to be really really intentional about your desire to live the life that you want.”

– Carrie Kerpen

Failure is essential to be able to grow and you do not build resilience without experiencing some form of failure.” – Carrie Kerpe

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