Cathy Fraser – Never stop growing


Cathy Fraser is VP of Human Resources at the Mayo Clinic

In this episode Lauren and Cathy discuss:

  •  Finding the right career for you
  •  Characteristics of a successful female executive
  •  What companies are going to be looking for moving forward
  •  Life-long learning as a part of career building

Key Takeaways:

  • A paycheck isn’t everything. A sense of fulfillment and purpose can be more important than money when looking for a career that you won’t regret in the future.
  • Having different perspectives can make businesses more successful. Greater diversity creates great performance.
  • Organizations now put more focus on skills and life experiences, shifting from a focus on educational backgrounds. Also, an ideal worker would be someone who’s an expert in many disciplines – someone who has a good ability to learn.
  • Cultivate a curious mind. Don’t ask yourself if you want to learn, ask yourself instead what you’d like to learn next.

“Don’t look for a job, look for a career or an organization that actually has good synergy with who you are as a person.” – Cathy Fraser

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