Doris Meister – Beyond the Transaction


Doris Meister is CEO of Wilmington Trust.

In this episode Lauren and Doris discuss:

  • Career adaptation leveraging transferrable skills across industries
  • Making strategic career choices focusing on career goals and using personal values as a north star
  • Exploring diverse and unexpected career paths

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-Discovery for Career Fulfillment: Understanding one’s own strengths and passions is essential for navigating successful career changes.
  • Adapting to Industry Trends: Staying attuned to industry dynamics can uncover new opportunities and guide career trajectories.
  • Exploring Varied Career Paths: Experiencing diverse roles can offer a broader perspective and enhance professional growth.
  • Prioritizing Personal Values: Making career decisions that align with personal life and values is crucial for long-term contentment and achievement.

“If you know yourself well, and you’re able to assess the risk of making a big change, it’s incredibly fulfilling and you really stretch your talents and your scope in ways that just following a straight line doesn’t do.”
– Doris Meister

“Making career decisions that align with individual values and life circumstances is key to long-term success and happiness.”
– Doris Meister

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