Jinny Uppal – Reflective Thinking and Strategic Inaction


Jinny Uppal is a Business and Technology Leader

And author of the award winning book, In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results

In this episode Lauren and Jinny discuss:

What drives major progress

Leveraging reflective thinking and strategic inaction (inaction as a choice)

The mental health crisis and the importance of giving your mind a break

Default mode network (DMN) and supporting neuroscience research

Importance of meditation and mind wandering

Embracing delegation and how to develop this skill

Key takeaways:

Taking a pause or strategic inaction can be powerfully productive.

It is important to take time before meetings to calm nerves and reduce anxiety.

Infusing breaks throughout the day can improve mental wellbeing; reduce fatigue and burnout; and improve productivity.

Letting your mind wander to activate the DMN helps your brain “connect the dots” of information and come up with creative ideas.

Delegation is needed to move up the corporate ladder – it’s important to trust others and the process.

As much as we like giving credit to action that gives us results, we underestimate the power of thoughtful pauses that give birth to new ideas” – Jinny Uppal

We underestimate the power of our mind and our brain to come up with creative solutions to the problems we are facing.” – Jinny Uppal

Delegation is the willingness to let go.” – Jinny Uppal

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