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Joanne Rencher is the CEO and Founder of WGNinHR Consulting and author of the book,

Tough As Nails: Finding Your Voice as a Woman in the Workplace

In this episode Lauren and Joanne discuss:

The different elements of how women find their own voice in the workplace

How you are perceived and how you want to be perceived

The impact that COVID has had on choices people make in navigating their careers

Decluttering your mind to weigh career options and make good decisions

Shifting from fear to facts in making career decisions

Managing imposter syndrome

Key takeaways:

It’s important to lay out your possibilities and think about the steps you will have to take to achieve your goals – separate the WHAT from the HOW to review options and reduce your overall fear.

Stop saying yes to everything. Make sure that you make decisions based on your career goals and intentions while weighing the pros and cons of available options.

Plot out plans for the next 30, 60, 90 days to help you manage transitions and hit milestones.

Find a truth-teller – a coach, spouse, friend, etc. – to help you weigh options and have more fact-based ways to approach conversations.

Open yourself up to being vulnerable with someone you trust and getting feedback that you may not want to hear but need to hear.

Being overprepared in certain areas and closing gaps/being intentional in areas that you don’t know can help you gain confidence, which feeds into a sense of security and crushes feelings of imposter syndrome.

Dream big but with deadlines.” – Joanne Rencher

You should get used to the sound of your own voice telling the world how awesome you are.”

– Joanne Rencher

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