Karen Tisdell – Optimizing Your LinkedIn Strategy


Karen Tisdell is a LinkedIn profile writer, expert, and trainer.

In this episode Lauren and Karen discuss:

Optimizing your LinkedIn strategy for a job search

How to use LinkedIn while employed for personal brand strategy, networking, etc.

Your digital footprint and why it is important to employers

Best practices for accepting connection requests

Key takeaways:

Having a great LinkedIn profile is foundational for, if and how people think of you.

Be proactive in reaching out to people and connecting with them; personalize your invitations to connect with a short message.

Be selective when accepting connections. Connect with people who are doing what you want to do, who know people that you would want to know, and who are in your community of stakeholders.

Make sure that you have a great profile by including a headshot as profile photo, background banner, and keywords throughout based on job advertisements.

Provide a synopsis of your current and past professional experience, be sure to explain what you enjoy about your position.

Scroll through your newsfeed every day; like and comment on as many posts as you can.

If we think of ourselves in our job search as a product, people are doing their research, and LinkedIn ranks really highly. It is that important.” – Karen Tisdell

Nobody wants to be the person or the friend that only calls when they need something or want something from you. It’s so important to ensure that you are constantly looking at how you show up on platform and how you develop those relationships … the better the friendships and relationships that I have around me, the luckier I am in my career and my success.” – Karen Tisdell

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