Kathy Button Bell – Purpose-Driven Leadership


Kathy is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Emerson

In this episode Lauren and Kathy discuss:

  • Tips to help women advance in the workplace
  • Strategies to demonstrate your worth and help others see the work that you do
  • Personal branding

Key takeaways:

  • Create an ecosystem for yourself in the business environment to maintain focus on what is important
  • Recover quicky – whether from a mistake or failure – as the faster you recover the faster you can make good decisions again
  • Master self-promotion with a soft hand
  • Be steady under pressure to ensure others respect the way that you are behaving during difficult situations
  • Make your aspirations known and don’t be afraid to pursue jobs you might not be perfectly qualified for
  • Use “eye candy” to show the impact of your work, such as research, advertisements, related articles, etc.
  • You can call yourself out on mistakes to remedy a situation and make it right
  • To drive your personal brand – make yourself interesting; read things you wouldn’t normally read; diversify your friendship circle and those you surround yourself with at work

Always sit at the table – as soon as you have permission to be there . . . be there.”

– Kathy Button Bell

There is nothing wrong with celebrating being a woman.” – Kathy Button Bell

Being a woman with a sense of humor… is certainly a great characteristic to have and know when to use it.” – Kathy Button Bell

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