Lisa Nichols – Something Extra


Lisa Nichols is the CEO and Co-founder of Technology Partners as well as

Host of the Something Extra podcast

In this episode Lauren and Lisa discuss:

Being your most authentic self and living your values

Power of vulnerability in leadership

Integrating your personal faith into your leadership style

Attracting and retaining talent

Job search strategies for IT professionals

How technical leaders can develop leadership skills

Challenges faced by women in technology roles

Getting girls/women interested in tech

Key takeaways:

Following your faith in the workplace does not have to be spoken – people will see a difference in how you live your life, behave, and lead

It’s imperative for middle layer talent to gain experience and training in leadership; become innovative anticipators; and acquire business acumen

Women starting out in tech should seek other women in the profession that can provide guidance, support, and mentorship

A focus should be placed on getting more women and girls interested in STEM/technology and into leadership positions

We all have something extra to bring to the table.” – Lisa Nichols

We’re harnessing the power of technology to improve the world.” – Lisa Nichols

Never stop growing, there is always another level that you can go to; 

you never reach the summit.” – Lisa Nichols

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