Melody Zhang – Working in Non-Native Cultures


In this episode Lauren and Melody discuss:

  • Struggling through challenges in confidence and aspirations
  • Receiving negative feedback and using it to improve yourself
  • Tips for people working in a non-native culture
  • Internalizing wins to help your own growth and building the strength of your team

Key Takeaways:

  • Your ultimate aspiration will not be easily handed to you, focusing on career growth and levelling up will guide you.
  • Feedback, especially the negative ones, informs you what skills you can improve or learn to become more successful in your field.
  • Take initiative. Be honest about what you know about where you are and be humble enough to receive help. Practice vulnerability.
  • A strong team will beat a lone superstar in growth, progression and success.

“You can only be as good as your team. You cannot be the only superstar in your team… only if you have a very strong team team – that actually will generate a platform for you to continue progressing” – Melody Zhang

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