Samantha Foster – How to Work with Recruiters


Samantha Foster is Managing Partner with ZRG Partners

In this episode Lauren and Samantha Foster discuss:

  •  The state of diverse recruitment in today’s workplace landscape
  •  Knowing when you’re ready for a C-Suite role and how to get it
  •  Dealing with not hearing back from recruiters and advice for job hunters and
  •  Taking on a board role

Key Takeaways:

  •  Candidates have more power now, and companies with diverse populations are the ones that attain more growth.
  •  You need to communicate that you’re ready for the next level, internally and externally. Let people know, and claim it for yourself. Don’t wait for people to notice that you’re ready.
  •  Build your brand and be more helpful and responsive. Don’t only respond when you need something, people already have a lot of that kind of connection.

“If you are seen as a helpful, go-to person who will answer a question and take your time, you’re probably a better employee also. It’s not just ‘will a recruiter remember you’ it’s also that they’ll remember you in a way that makes them want to present you for a role.” – Samantha Foster

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