Shellye Archambeau – Unapologetically Ambitious


Shellye was one of the first female African American CEOs in Silicon Valley and shares her story in her inspiring book, Unapologetically Ambitious.

In this episode Lauren and Shellye discuss:  

  • Increasing your odds in reaching your ambition and discovering the path to power
  • Improving your ability to be lucky, getting yourself ready for opportunities
  • Advice on how you, too, can reach your aspirations
  • The struggles and challenges in the journey to become a CEO

Key Takeaways:

  •  Take courage in trying new things, leaping into uncomfortable situations and stepping forward into the unknown.
  •  Luck is when an opportunity comes along which you can take advantage of. You have to have the right skills, experience and background. Be ready for that opportunity.
  •  The way to stay on track: remember what the prize is.
  •   Simple steps: ‘what do I want?” ‘what has to be true to get it?’ ‘how do I make it true?’ Then execute with discipline.
  •  Don’t give up on your goal when you think that maybe it’s not possible.

 “Decide what’s important to you and what you’re willing to be judged on. Let go of the other things.” – Shellye Archambeau

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