Sophia Velastegui – Applied AI


Sophia Velastegui is the Chief Product Officer at Aptiv

In this episode Lauren and Sophia discuss:

  • Best ways to be thinking about applying AI in your role or business
  • Career mobility across organizations and geographies and sectors
  • Skills to master as you climb the ladder


Key takeaways:

  • Generative AI is here to stay. Find ways to leverage resources from experts to build into your role or business.
  • Being flexible in geography creates more career opportunities.
  • Pay attention to where the external market is going and seek opportunities to grow and build skills in areas that will be “hot” in the future.
  • Learn company culture through understanding context and getting connected through influencers as you transition into a new organization.
  • Feedback can be difficult, but it is also a gift. It gives you the opportunity to work toward building new skills critical to your career progression.
  • Continuous learning is a way of life – build new skills in low stakes environments and eventually apply to higher stakes situations.



Don’t take yourself out of the equation too early.”

– Sophia Velastegui


It was important that I spoke in a way that the audience understood my value.”

– Sophia Velastegui


I really appreciate that the best of AI is not to just to do AI or displace people… it’s the combination that led to extraordinary advancement of our society.”

– Sophia Velastegui



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