Stacy Sherman – Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right


Stacy Sherman is Director of Customer Experience at Schindler Elevator Corporation and Founder of DoingCXRight

In this episode Lauren and Stacy discuss:

How to leverage the voice of the customer at every interaction to make sure you are making the right decisions to meet their needs

How diversity and inclusion ties into the customer experience

The importance of having champions and mentors that embrace your beliefs or your “why”

The difference between how men and women communicate and what women need to keep in mind to ensure they shine

How individuals can exhibit their passions both in and out of the workplace

Key takeaways:

Customers expect leaders to be approachable and human; take care of them; know their needs; and make them feel valued.

To enhance the customer experience, leaders and employees must remain aware and appreciate the diversity of others to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Having a mentor will help you to build confidence, believe in yourself, know your brand, and define your purpose – you can build upon that to network and grow from individuals within your own company.

By learning the political ways of an organization, the systems and the people, you can leverage your own knowledge and experience to show and tell how your insights are valuable.

Leaders should be in tune with and encourage their employees’ unique needs, this helps build trust and loyalty that leads to employees doing customer experience right, even when the boss isn’t looking.

Women should speak up tactfully when interacting with men who treat them differently in the workplace – by doing it in the right way where people aren’t defensive and can even hear you as helpful.

Branch out and see opportunities to break silos and work together.” – Stacy Sherman

Be creative, because that’s what makes you shine… that’s what makes you you.” – Stacy Sherman

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