Stephanie Chung – Values-Centered Leadership


Stephanie Chung is the Chief Growth Officer of Wheels up. She’s also the first black President of a major aviation company.

In this episode Lauren and Stephanie discuss:

  • How to stand out as a woman in a male dominated industry.
  • Being a values-centered leader
  • Moving from success to significance.

Key takeaways:

  • Lean in to being “the only.”
  • Get clarity about who you are – Brand yourself.
  • People will trust you as a leader when they know you have their back.
  • Confidence is key. Sometimes you build confidence by digging in, learning and doing.
  • Learn how to say No.

I’m fun, I’m fair and I’m tough. I demand excellence.” – Stephanie Chung

You have to have confidence in your capability.” – Stephanie Chung

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