Susan Winchester – Healing at Work


Susan Winchester is the outgoing Chief HR Officer at Applied Materials and Founder of Healing at Work.

In this episode, Lauren and Susan discuss:

  • The significant role of early traumas in shaping workplace behaviors and interactions.
  • Strategies for using workplace conflicts, or “bumper car moments,” as catalysts for personal development.
  • How to assess suitability for roles as you advance in your career


Key Takeaways:

  • Self-Awareness is essential for recognizing personal and professional growth areas.
  • Rather than being “triggered” by conflict, how can workplace conflicts be seen as opportunities for healing and development.
  • Damaged is not doomed – just because you have experienced difficulties in your past, it does not have to control your thought processes and actions.
  • Continuous Learning: The importance of adaptability and ongoing skill development.


“Damaged is not doomed, and the rest of your life is yours.” -Susan Winchester

“The majority of us, according to the research, actually grew up in dysfunctional homes… what we don’t always realize is how much those experiences in the past are actually affecting us every single day in our careers and our workplaces.” -Susan Winchester

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