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Are you a woman looking to level up in your career? This show is for you. I invite you to join us and Take Control of Your Career! If you’re wanting great things to happen in your work life, then it’s critical that you run your career like a CEO runs her business. This requires being strategic about your career choices, maximizing your strengths and leveraging your relationships. So, whether you’re looking for a brand new job, wanting to clench your next promotion, or plan your path to the C-Suite, we discuss effective strategies that allow you to be in the driver’s seat in your career!

I’m Lauren Herring, CEO of IMPACT Group, one of the largest woman-owned career and leadership development companies globally, and founder of Earn Your Worth Careers dedicated to helping women earn their worth doing work they love.

Each week, I’ll be interviewing the top women that you want to hear from. These ladies are the movers and shakers in the C-Suite, in recruiting, and experts in career development. They are sharing their stories about how they got to where they are, their tips for you and what they are looking for when they hire.

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