Transition Coaching for Relocating Children

Invest in coaching to ensure relocating children thrive in the new location during corporate relocations.

Coaching to Help Children Adapt & Thrive

Address Obstacles that Prevent Children & Teens from Accepting the Relocation & Thriving Again



Transition Coaching for Children

The impact of an international move on younger family members is significant. While it is true that children are resilient, an international relocation can be overwhelming. Increasingly, children are finding it harder to adapt, adjust, and cope with the upheaval of a relocation. In many instances, they feel powerless and unheard, as if their opinions and emotions are invalid. At such a critical stage in their development, this can cause problems that are worrying for the parents, distressing for the child, and threaten the success of the assignment.

IMPACT Group collaborated with professional psychologists to develop a Children’s Transition Coaching Program to help families navigate these challenges. Based on our coaching expertise in tandem with the RAFT theory of Third Culture Kids, authored by Dr. Ruth Van Reken and David Pollock, IMPACT Group’s program guides relocating children ages 8 years or older and their parents through the process of leaving the home location and adjusting to the new one. By breaking the transition process into four key steps, the children and families have a practical guide at their fingertips to ensure they properly manage every stage of their new journey.


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Transition Coaching for Relocating Children

The RAFT Model Helps Families Navigate the Relocation Journey

RAFT Model for Relocating Children

Program Overview

Children & Families Receive Practical Guidance to Manage Every Stage of Their New Journey

This program educates relocating children and parents on the transition phases and addresses their unique questions and concerns. The coach plays a pivotal role in helping children navigate the complexities of transitioning to a new country. This provides structured support and guidance through each phase of the journey. Program elements include:

  • RAFT Model Overview: Children will learn the importance of addressing unresolved issues (Reconciliation), affirming their sense of self-worth (Affirmation), planning meaningful goodbyes (Farewells), and preparing for their new environment (Think Destination).
  • Emotional Validation: Regular communication with the coach aids in monitoring the child’s feelings and provides support as needed. This helps children address anxiety or apprehension about the move and process their complex emotions.
  • Parental Involvement: The coach can also work with parents, providing them with tools and strategies to support their child during the transition. This creates a cohesive support system for the child.

By guiding children through these steps with empathy and practical support, a coach can significantly ease the transition process, helping the child to regain a sense of control, confidence, and excitement about their new environment.

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Transition coaching for relocating children includes:


  • Assessment to understand the child’s needs and concerns
  • Action plan based on RAFT model
  • 4 coaching sessions to explore transition topics
  • Re-evaluation of the child’s needs throughout the program


Provide Personalized Transition Support for Children to Improve Relocation Success

Coaching will guide the child’s transition to the new country, ensuring they feel supported and heard. Results include:

  • Overcome challenges of international relocations for children.
  • Increase acceptance and adaptation in the new country.
  • Minimize stress and promote wellbeing in the new area.

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