Spousal Assistance for Couples Who Move

Most talent is part of a two-income household – a fact that should never be overlooked during corporate relocations! Offer spousal assistance to help keep the family whole. 

Job Search for Spouse/Partner & Accompanying Talent

Spousal Assistance has expanded to support the needs of all household adults

Numerous mobility studies have confirmed that job loss and career interruption are among the top concerns that prevent couples from accepting a relocation or succeeding in a new location.

Dual-career couples comprise 62% of U.S. families. Preserving two incomes is vital for most couples’ financial security and emotional wellbeing.

The founder of IMPACT Group spearheaded what has become a common practice:  providing career planning and job search assistance for the non-employee half of the moving couple. 

Still commonly known as spousal assistance, this program is expanding to include career coaching for adults in the employee’s household beyond a spouse or partner.

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Spousal Assistance Job Search Coaching

For Couples

We address the top reason relocations fail – the partner. IMPACT Group helps the spouse find new employment, start a new business, or feel actively engaged in the community and at home.

Spousal Assistance Job Search Coaching

1:Me™ Personalized Action Plan for Multiple Career Paths

Spousal Assistance Job Search Coaching
Spousal Assistance Job Search Coaching

Spouse / Partner Career Program Overview

Couples Get Support to Preserve Both Halves of the Income Equation

Most employees don’t relocate alone – they take loved ones along – and that’s a good thing. Moving as a couple can help deter loneliness and promote wellbeing. And employee wellbeing stimulates many positive cascading effects on the business. In fact, 49% of organizations are investing more in wellbeing during relocations. (Get a copy of our latest sturvey results here.)

Relocation packages today offer what career and job search assistance for any adults in the employee’s household who are moving with the employee. We think of these job seekers as “accompanying talent” – and helping them fulfill their aspirations for career success in an exciting new location is what we do best.

Coaching to Empower Accompanying Talent

IMPACT Group’s relocation coaches empower accompanying talent to take the right steps in their career. Our coaches have the location- and industry-specific knowledge to maximize career opportunities and move careers forward. Job search assistance for the other adults in the employee’s household provides peace of mind at home, allowing employees to be more focused and productive at work.

Stability and comfort go a long way during stressful transitions. This makes job search support and spousal assistance a much-needed lifeline as the household navigates the relocation. From client service representatives to chemical engineers, accompanying talent who relocate with the employee will have personal support for their career goals.

What Spousal Assistance Includes

A coach who is familiar with the local area will help the accompanying talent target specific industries and companies, overcome cultural nuances, and develop a strong network in the new community. We allow individuals to start and stop their job search program as needed, giving them time to focus on the relocation while always having support available.

Our career coaching is complimented by our online career and transition center. The portal offers interactive, industry-leading career tools for every aspect of the job search.


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Major components include:


  • Resume/CV Development
  • Daily Job Leads
  • Virtual Interview & Coaching Tools
  • Salary/Offer Negotiation Resources & Strategies
  • Career/Skill Assessment Tools
  • Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Subscription Research & Industry Trends
  • Social Networking Guidance
  • Career Continuation Support

Results from Career Assistance for Adults Accompanying Your Talent

More Stable and Productive Employees, Less Loneliness

When another adult accompanies your employee on the move, it’s important to provide job search assistance because it benefits everyone in the household. Our coaches work with each client on a personal, one-on-one level to help spouses, partners, and others joining the relocating employee with making the right career moves. This job search program will help employees and their households:

  • Reduce unemployment time. Minimize the time and wages lost due to relocation.
  • Increase acceptance.With support for accompanying talent, your first-choice candidates can be more confident choosing to relocate.
  • Improve productivity. Help your employees settle into their new surroundings faster and be more productive at work.
  • Create stability. Restoring dual-income status for your employees’ household will allow them to adapt to their new home much faster.

How It Works

  • Individualized, 1:Me™ coaching that can be paused throughout the relocation as needed
  • Hyper-personalization of services based on a needs assessment
  • Support to pursue alternatives to traditional employment, such as starting a business, consulting, continuing education, or volunteerism
  • Local knowledge and networking connections through a dedicated coach
  • Ongoing support and resources until successful transition
  • Personal branding strategy to leverage social platforms
  • Résumé, CV, and cover letter development from Certified Résumé Writers
  • Professional licensure research and information
  • Potential employer identification
  • Interview and salary negotiation coaching
  • Social media strategies and guidance
  • Guidance on cultural nuances of job searching in foreign countries


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and relocation. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s situation and goals.

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