Relocation Services that Promote Wellbeing Benefit Business – New Study Finds

Experts agree that employers benefit when employees get coaching through relocation services to “rethrive” in new settings.

Relocation Services & Talent Trends

Relocation services address growing issues with loneliness, anxiety and stress.

IMPACT Group’s study of global talent professionals reveals considerable consensus on the topic of employee wellbeing and employee relocation. Sixty percent (60%) of those surveyed say they are seeing more issues related to loneliness and anxiety than in the past. And, they believe relocation services should address wellbeing to ensure the success of the employee in the job.


Relocation services should include access to a coach.

Nearly 80% believe that by providing a relocation coach, organizations can address the most serious relocation challenges. And about 50% of those surveyed say they will likely increase investment in services to address the wellbeing of employees who relocate.


Relocation coaching services promote employee retention.

With an ever-evolving talent market, it’s imperative that newly relocated employees thrive in the new location quickly. Poor wellbeing can cause low productivity and even create a retention risk.  

Leaving for a different job was the second most common reason cited in the study for relocation failure for single employees. And it ranked fourth for those moving as a couple.

Nearly 80% of those surveyed agree that relocation failure can be strongly correlated with failure to address relocation challenges, such as loneliness, anxiety, loss of spouse income and other difficulties. 

Is your relocation benefit package competitive?

If you are recruiting talent without offering competitive relocation services, you could be at risk of getting the right talent. Find out what the survey reveals about prioritizing cost vs high-touch, high-quality relocation services.

Get a copy of the relocation services trends study now to discover more. 

Relocation services that include coaching boost employee & family success.

IMPACT Group’s Relocation ReThrive™ program provides coaching – not just to help alleviate the stress of the move – but to ensure the employee and those who move with them are thriving in the new job and in the new city. This coaching program is tailored to the individualized needs of your mobile talent – and their loved ones. With an expert coach to help the household build the required emotional intelligence to “rethrive,” your employee will nail it in the new position, connect socially and feel at home.

 At IMPACT Group, we help your organization minimize the risk of relocations gone wrong with hyper-personalized relocation services. Founded in 1988, we’ve spent 30+ years learning how to make corporate relocations easier—and successful—from the point of view of the employer, the employees, their families and other accompanying talent. Our global team of transition coaches walk alongside your talent, coaching them through change and moving careers forward every step of the way.

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