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How Veolia is Addressing a Pending Talent Gap

Veolia Group, a global leader in optimized resource management with over 179,000 employees worldwide, had a growing need to address business changes and a pending talent gap to ensure bench strength in their succession pipeline.

IMPACT Group leveraged the High IMPACT Coaching program to create a great cultural match for the company.

Developing a Strong Succession Pipeline

A formal development program was needed due to:

  • Sudden growth experienced through an acquisition.
  • Launch of a new One Veolia vision for the organization’s three distinct divisions.
  • Looming leadership gap, as many leaders were eligible for retirement within five years – leaving an insufficient talent pool for critical roles.

“When we looked at the metrics, we realized we had 35-50% gaps in talent in some areas due to impending Baby Boomer retirements,” shares Augie Shulke, Former CHRO at Veolia.

“We knew we had to do something about that.” In order to continue to grow business, Veolia needed to accelerate the development of their emerging leaders and drive retention of high-potentials through a centralized program.

Watch the video to discover the real results they achieved!

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