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Developing Women Leaders

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If you’re not developing women leaders, you’re wasting a valuable resource. That’s because organizations succeed when their people succeed. And in most organizations, women make up 50% or more of the team. These are the views of Career Expert Marcia Mueller, who shares her career tips for women on this video version of the Take Control of Your Career podcast. Marcia has spent her career solving business problems through people development, with a keen focus on developing women leaders.

Career Tips for Women

Marcia shares these four tips for women who want to move up:
1. Understand how you are perceived by others. This is a key driver to your future success.
2. Make your direct leader and manager your partner. Career advancement is a team sport and your manager is the #1 person who connects you to opportunities.
3. Find a mentor and a sponsor, beyond your manager.
4. Remember that you own your career. Be specific about what you want to do, find clarity on what your next goal is, and take control of how you achieve it.

Advice for Organizations on Developing Women Leaders

During her years at IMPACT Group, Marcia has led its Leadership Development practice. In this role, she works with corporations in various male-dominated industries to help them diversify their leadership pipelines, and ultimately, their executive teams. In fact, some of these clients are now among those on the Forbes List of Top Female Friendly Companies.

Tune in to the podcast video as Marcia explores universal themes for diversifying your leadership pipeline and developing women leaders. “The commitment to build inclusive work environments has exploded in the past few years,” she shares. “Our clients are focused on how to effectively advance all talent, including women.”

Overcoming “The Broken Rung” to Help Women Advance

According to Marcia, sometimes, the biggest hurdle is getting women into the first level of leadership.

The McKinsey study describes this issue as “the broken rung.” According to the study, for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted. This disparity in first-level promotions lays a foundation for continued imbalance. That’s because the talent pipeline is weighted toward men. And at each level, the trend continues. In other words, organizations are perpetuating a “broken rung” in the corporate ladder.

What Employers Should Do to Develop Women Leaders

What Employers Should Do to Develop Women Leaders
Developing women leaders requires a dedicated effort. And leadership coaching can accelerate the process.

Unlike other programs, IMPACT Group’s Women in Leadership program isn’t about “fixing women.” It’s about developing talented women through a program that involves their boss. The program also affords them sessions with a leadership coach to help them succeed. “In our Women in Leadership program, 30% of the program participants get promoted during the course of the program or soon after,” Marcie shares. Leveraging a proven model, this program addresses sponsorship, executive presence, and business acumen – all important in achieving gender equality in the workplace.

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