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Bridging the Talent Gap: Veolia Shares Their Succession Planning Success

Do you have a strategic plan to develop high potentials for crucial leadership roles?

With up to 50% gaps in leadership due to Baby Boomer retirements, Veolia had to act fast to save their succession plan. Augie Schulke, former CHRO at Veolia, shares how leveraging targeted leadership development programs for high potentials and rising women led to 37% promotion rate compared to company average of 9%. Watch now to discover how you can save your succession plans!

Leverage leadership development solutions for high potentials, women, and executives.

Utilizing a fresh take on leadership development will transform your people and your succession plan. IMPACT Group’s solutions include:

Build Your Succession Plan
By engaging in High IMPACT Coaching, your mid-level managers, supervisors and high-potential employees will be well prepared to guide your organization into the future—in their current positions or in their next roles.

Accelerate Women’s Careers
Women in Leadership™ applies our three-part career accelerator model to coach women to recognize and enhance their personal effectiveness, business acumen and corporate visibility. One-on-one coaching and a tailored development plan empower women to reach their full potential and influence.

Boost the Leadership Qualities of Top Executives
There’s a reason Olympic athletes work with a coach – to improve performance. One-on-one executive coaching builds new strategic approaches, develops business EQ, and enhances their ability to motivate organizational behavior. The results are transformative leadership capabilities.

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See how leadership training makes a measurable impact at
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