How to Close Women Leadership
Gap in Business

Yahoo! Finance Video on Women Leadership Gap

It’s a business issue, not a women’s issue.

“What organizations need is a strategy to increase women leaders so they can ultimately perform more successfully.”

The women leadership gap in the corporate world isn’t going away on its own. IMPACT Group’s CEO Lauren Herring discussed with Yahoo! Finance how gender diversity is a business issue, not just a women’s issue. Watch this video on expert insights and strategies for closing the women leadership gap.

How will you close the women leadership gap?

Advancing more women in the workplace is a strategic investment for your business – delivering higher ROI, ROS, and ROIC. Understanding your current state is your first step to increasing the amount of women in leadership roles. Our workbook provides a starting point for you to determine which areas in your organization need attention.

Filled with helpful information for each stage of the journey, this tool will guide you to assess your readiness for addressing the women leadership gap in your organization. Download our workbook to review your:

  • Overall Workforce
  • Career Development Programs
  • Hiring Practices
  • Development Needs

Access a workbook to analyze gender diversity in leadership at your organization.

Tailored leadership development programs for women leaders have the power to enhance confidence, leadership presence, and business acumen. All of these things do wonders for women’s overall leadership presence – and are key to overcoming women leadership gaps.

Through professional cohort coaching and a blend of learning methods, women strengthen their resilience, ability to make decisions, and capacity to take reasonable risk. Inviting these women leaders to take a seat at the table is imperative to spark transformation at all levels of your organization. Use our workbook to determine what small changes can add up to real results. As you close the women leadership gap, your organization is likely to see higher ROS, ROE, and ROIC.

Gender Diversity Assessment Workbook


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