Employee Training: What Do Employees Value Most?

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Employee training and talent retention go hand in hand.  And because so many organizations are weathering “The Great Resignation,” it’s important to understand what employees value the most.  In other words, what type of training should you offer now?  Not all employees have time for heavy curriculum-based courses in addition to their daily workloads.  So find out what is working today.  Check out this new infographic and get a quick update.

Did you know 74% of employees believe they do not have enough training opportunities to achieve their full potential?  And the real kicker – 94% of employees state they would stay at a company longer if the organization invested in helping them learn.

This infographic offers new answers:

  • Do employees want more online courses or more coaching and mentoring?
  • Would your employees prefer to develop their leadership skills or learn more technical coding skills?
  • Who invests more time developing soft skills than the average employee?
  • Which delivery methods are best?
  • How do Millennials feel about traditional bosses?

Get answers to these questions and more. This infographic is based on IMPACT Group’s 2021 survey of more than 100 HR & Talent Development leaders — as well as other curated content.  See what’s changed when it comes to employee training and development. Find out what type of training ranks #1. And, see which delivery methods produce the highest ROI. Learn more now.

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