Unemployment for Women: A Look at the Covid-Era Downturn

Unemployment for women nearly doubled in 2020.

While many industries have recovered jobs since the start of the pandemic, the January 2021 unemployment rate for women was at 6.3% compared to the January 2020 rate of 3.5%.  Overall, women have lost more jobs than men. At the end of 2020, women lost 156,000 jobs while men gained 16,000 jobs in December. Studies report that 2.1 million women have left the labor market entirely in 2020.

In addition to layoffs, voluntary job loss is increasing unemployment for women. Women in middle management who have left the workforce report that Covid-related issues played a large part in their decision. A World Economic Forum study shares that senior-level women are 1.5 times more likely than senior-level men to think about leaving the workforce right now.

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  • What’s driving voluntary separations from female leaders
  • The long-term effects of higher unemployment for women
  • 5 key strategies to retain your female talent.

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