{Infographic} 100-Year Retrospective of Women Leaders in the Workplace

U.S. women gained the right to vote 100 years ago. How have women leaders in the workplace advanced since then?

Since that time in 1920, women leaders in the workplace have journeyed to achieve gender equality in the business world and – more specifically – in higher leadership roles. This quest has been filled with both celebratory achievements and disappointing setbacks.

In 2020, women in senior leadership across the globe includes:

»38% in Africa
»35% in Eastern Europe
»33% in Latin America
»30% in European Union
»29% in North America
»27% in Asia Pacific

Why are women leaders still underrepresented in the top tiers of organizations? Is it because they lack the degrees and skills to fill those roles?

View the infographic now to explore women leaders in the workplace and their journey since 1920. Click here.


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My coach has been amazing. She asks thought provoking questions which forces me to look at experiences through a different lens. She makes me come to my own conclusions, which at first I thought was super challenging, but now I see the value in it.” – Program Participant

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