Management Training Program Leads to Real Results

Discover the secret to M.J. Electric’s management training program leveraging coaching, collaboration, and capstone projects.

Management Training Program Case Study, IMPACT Group

M.J. Electric knew it was time to implement a management training program.

They wanted to maximize their high potentials; however, its leadership team was unable to agree on an approach. Its collaboration with IMPACT Group made all the difference. 

M.J. Electric’s management wanted to develop its leaders through a formal management training program. They envisioned a program in which a cohort of emerging leaders would be tapped each year. Yet, they felt they didn’t have the internal resources to develop such a program on their own.

Steve Feira – Vice President of Human Resources at M.J. Electric – shares how a collaborative approach created a program that was unique to his company’s needs and culture. Since 2016, M.J. Electric has leveraged this program to prepare leaders for greater responsibility. And they say the program is working.

“We wouldn’t be successful at developing our talent without this program. It makes us a better company.”
– Steve Feira


Discover the secret to their management training program success leveraging coaching, collaboration, and capstone projects.

What were the results of hte program? M.J. Electric was able to: 

  • Establish new business lines through capstone projects
  • Prepare and develop future leaders who are positioned for senior roles
  • Strengthen its culture of diversity and opportunities within a male-dominated industry


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About IMPACT Group & Our Management Training Program Philosophy

IMPACT Group is a WBE-certified global leader in leadership development, relocation support, and outplacement assistance. We offer management training programs and leadership development for employees at all levels in their careers.

At IMPACT Group, we embrace the power of action learning facilitated through expert coaches. We use assessments to build your employees’ knowledge of themselves and their team members. And we coach them through situations they are dealing with in the present. That means your employees can apply what they’re learning immediately.

Often organizations will choose curriculum-based training programs in which participants are given required reading assignments. Then the participants are further “schooled” through instructor-led training. Many of these programs resemble college-level classes on management. While these programs have a certain appeal, they don’t often generate actionable behavior change.

What’s the better alternative? IMPACT Group offers coaching-focused programs. Coaches work with managers to introduce new concepts — and even more important — to put new behaviors into practice.


Our Management Training Programs Focus on Change, Resilience, Metrics & Diversity

We offer five programs that are delivered virtually or in person. Professional coaching is the key to these programs in which participants each work with their own experienced coach. As an example, High IMPACT Coaching™ is a comprehensive development program for next-gen leaders. And, you can enroll individuals in the program or enroll a group of leaders. Each participant gets the value of 1:Me™ coaching. A coach conducts a leadership assessment, then coaches the participant on the read out of that assessment as well as development of an action plan that focuses on achieving a measurable goal.

Capstone projects are an optional program component. This additional element has proven to deliver highly visible business results as professional coaches guide employees in developing and executing an initiative with measurable outcomes.


Our Services


Through group programs and individualized coaching engagements, we develop leaders at all levels. We prepare your talent to take on larger roles and new challenges.


We’re experts in relocation coaching and integration assistance. We were first to offer job search services for spouses, partners, and others who accompany your talent on the move.


We help you conduct flawless, compassionate reductions in force that benefit your company, remaining employees, as well as exiting employees.